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About Us


Curagenda introduces new travel concepts for the contemporary art world

Offering a Unique Collection of Travel Itineraries to Coincide with Major International Art Events and Specially Curated Private Trips to Art World Destinations for a Discerning Clientele

Curagenda re-envisions the way art, travel and contemporary cultures meet in a bespoke experience. Our curated trips offers unique travel opportunities to experience art, culture and cities through the eyes of insiders and cultural luminaries at major international art events. Founded by contemporary art curator Helen Homan Wu, the company’s organized tours are designed for individuals or small groups of like-minded people, or specially curated private trips, designed to benefit clients at different levels of art-world knowledge.

 Helen Homan Wu (photo: Ashley Chui)

Helen Homan Wu (photo: Ashley Chui)

“By creating an elegant, insightful, yet eclectic program, we reveal the cities’ hidden gems, local talents, multimedia engagements, but ultimately a wildly different sensory-filled private travel experience. Our exclusive and site-specific events offers opportunities to share stories and conversations with artists, curators, designers, architects, writers, filmmakers, collectors, entrepreneurs, and with each other…that will be memorable for many years to come.” – Helen Homan Wu, founder Curagenda  

Destinations and events that have key relevance on the international art map are handpicked by Curagenda and its Circle of Friends who are industry insiders. Curated travels are inspired by artistic movements, inspirational exhibitions and installations, visionaries and events that are influencing today’s contemporary culture on a regional and global scale. Curagenda trips are designed for guests to see from an insider’s point of view, as if peering through notebooks and travelogues of artists and luminaries. These key moments allow guest travelers to gain invaluable insight into the international art eco-system infused with a nourishing travel experience. 

It only recommends destinations that have been personally experienced, although always on the lookout and on the road exploring new frontiers. Curagenda also offers art concierge services in New York, Hong Kong and other cities upon request. 

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 William Lim, our private collection visit in Hong Kong (photo: William Lim)

William Lim, our private collection visit in Hong Kong (photo: William Lim)