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Cura/genda designs art travel experiences in parallel to major contemporary art events around the world for a discerning clientele. We are based in New York and work with a global network of partners. 

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The Clarion Circle feature: Art Travel for Serious Collectors

Helen Wu

Art Travel for Serious Collectors

Art tour professionals want to share their city, their passion for art and their expertise. This may include exclusive visits to private collections, studio tours and access to the invaluable knowledge of art insiders.

Helen Homan Wu, of Curagenda, encourages her guests to “…utilize every minute they have with our specialists to get the most out of the experience in whatever goals they have in mind.” Her company offers bespoke art tourism to important destinations—including Berlin and Hong Kong. These are geared toward collectors and not the casual art aficionados satisfied with a day or two of major museum visits.

“There is so much happening today in the art world and my focus is to create more personalized art expeditions. As for the travel industry, there is definitely a neglect in offering products focused around art and culture, and that is Curagenda’s starting point. I approach the business with an insider’s point of view, largely through me and my associates’ personal networks, places we have been to, artists and shows we have traveled across the world to see, in order to offer quality travel and inspirational art experiences, and intimate encounters with each city for our clients.” Helen Homan Wu


Art Tours are Art Adventures at Home and Abroad

Treat yourself to a gallery-hopping art experience in your hometown. It might be a great opportunity to introduce your kids to art or to discover a cool, new, off-the-beaten-track gallery scene. 

Check out the contemporary art scene wherever you travel—with the help of a local art tour guide. You might even pick up a treasure for your collection—so much better than an ordinary souvenir of your trip! Or enhance your experience of art fairs and foreign travel with the help of an expert insider. Art adventures await you wherever you go.