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Summer Art Pilgrimage in Europe: Kassel, Athens, Venice, Italy & France Tailormade Experiences

Helen Wu

documenta, Kassel (courtesy e-flux)

documenta, Kassel (courtesy e-flux)

James Lee Byers (courtesy michael werner gallery new york and london)

James Lee Byers (courtesy michael werner gallery new york and london)

Curagenda has designed a distinct multi-city trip to experience the best of Venice during the art biennale, and documenta(14) in its host cities Kassel and Athens. The Venice Biennale and documenta trip package will be offered over the Summer months from June through August and into the Fall. Guests will be guided through documenta’s site-specific artworks and exhibitions in both Athens and Kassel, as well as experiencing the destination cities’ charm and character through our selection of sites and events. Guests will have the privilege of seeing through the eyes of Curagenda Specialists, who are local insiders, besides introducing the artworks, invitations to special receptions (during the opening reception days), cultural and architectural tours will also be offered. Through the multi-city itinerary, guests will meet and spend intimate moments with Directors and Curators of museums, institutions and galleries, as well as visit local artists. In parallel to your day-by-day itinerary will be exciting gastronomic locations handpicked by food experts to complete the Curagenda art and cultural experience.

Tailormade itineraries available by request. 

Destinations include: Kassel (Germany), Athens (Greece), Venice Biennale (Italy), Art Basel (Switzerland), Art-o-Rama Marseilles (France), Artissima (Italy), among others 

Contact us for details. Trip Information HERE