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Desert X and Modernism Week

Desert X  
& Modernism Week, Palm Springs


The desert has long exercised its fascination over the minds of artists, architects, musicians, writers, and other explorers of landscape and soul…It is a place of scarcity, of stark contrasts, crude survival, mystery and transformation. But it is its very inhospitality towards life that has in part made it receptive to new forms. Nowhere more so than in Palm Springs itself. – Neville Wakefield, DESERT X Artistic Director

Desert X and Modernism Week
Palm Springs VIP Package

4 Days

23 to 26 Feb 2017
*Opening Week VIP Package

Please contact us for other preferred travel dates until April 30, 2017

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Palm Springs International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport


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STAY:  Ace Hotel & Swim Club

STAY: Ace Hotel & Swim Club



Samantha Culp (LA/SH)

Helen Homan Wu (NY/HK)

Wise to the fact that the New York art world can be difficult to navigate even for native New Yorkers, Curagenda’s founder, Helen Homan Wu will also tailor tours of the city according to your interests, taking in not just the city’s galleries, but collectors’ home. " The Telegraph Luxury

Inspirational exhibitions, installations and artistic movements selected by Cura/genda are made to influence your life and make it unforgettable, so pack your bags and go to the first event ! Fashion Plate Magazine


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“By creating an elegant, insightful, yet eclectic program, we reveal the cities’ hidden gems, local talents, multimedia engagements, but ultimately a wildly different sensory-filled private travel experience. Our exclusive and site-specific events offers opportunities to share stories and conversations with artists, curators, designers, architects, writers, filmmakers, collectors, entrepreneurs, and with each other … that will be memorable for many years to come.” – Helen Homan Wu, founder Curagenda

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